KLUG product range of boxes with new products!

New in the standard assortment of KLUG boxes: KS 14 Archival box for gramophone records, KS 3 Clamshell box with fastening ribbons, KS 17 Clamshell box - Albertina.

Our standard range of boxes has increased. The clamshell boxes offered now also include KS 3 with textile fastening ribbons and the high-quality KS 17 Albertina box, while the KS 14 archival box – specially developed for the upright storage of vinyl gramophone records – has been added to our range of archival boxes.

These boxes are made of grey-blue/natural white microflute MW 1.7 mm, 680 g/m². They have a specially treated surface finish, are resistant to dirt and dry wiping and are erasable. The KS 3 box with fastening ribbons and the KS 14 archival box have double walls on two sides (very strong) and smooth interior surfaces. The KS 17 Albertina box has an eight-fold wall thickness when closed.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us at +49 8323 9653 30 or via e-mail.

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