New in our product assortment: Conservation board in oversize, 182 x 252 cm

Conservation board in oversize (182 x 252 cm) – now available in museum quality.

KLUG-CONSERVATION can now deliver one of the world's largest ex-stock available conservation boards in museum quality. This conservation board is ageing resistant on the technological basis of the ISO 9706 standard, OBA-free, possesses excellent diagonal cutting characteristics and thus ideal for conservation quality framing. Size cuttings available on request.

Item no. 01726/8
• Size: 182 x 252 cm
• Colour: solid natural white
• Thickness: approx. 2.6 mm
• Weight: approx. 1955 gsm
• Delivery: 3 sheets/unit reamed or unreamed on pallets

For further questions please contact us at +49 (8323) 9653 30 or via email.


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