New in our product range: Clamshell box KS 20

Premium quality clamshell box made of permanent, solid board material with round about, double-fold construction, smooth interior and exterior surfaces. No visible slot flaps. A newly set up production method enables us to manufacture custom-made boxes one unit onwards.

The use of solid or corrugated board material for manufacturing packaging enclosures and boxes for culturual assets is controversial. Again and again, arguments such as high danger of fire, increased risk of water damages and the possibility of pest infestation lead to question the rejection of corrugated board as a suitable material for the permanent storage of cultural artefacts.

KLUG-CONSERVATION views the preservation of cultural artefacts more as a quantity problem and not as a storage problem for a few precious objects. For this reason, KLUG prefers to specialize in specific manufacturing processes (CAD/CAM manufacturing process of protective packagings) and materials (ageing resistant board glued moisture-proof) specifically developed for mass preservation purposes. In addition to the fact that corrugated board is more reasonably priced than solid board, in particluar due to its less cellulose content, it also provides more stability for the same material thickness. (light weight principle: e.g. aircraft technology)

However, due to further research and development in the manufacturing technology and material structure one has been able to develop various kinds of packaging products made of solid board material. For many years we have been offering within our product range the KS 4 calmshell box made of archival board, which is especially suitable for small objects. Since 2008 we have also included a premium quality clamshell box, made clasically like a bookbinding cassette. 

New in our product assortment is the clamshell box KS 20 made of ageing resistant solid board material. A newly set up production method enables us to manufacture custom-made boxes one unit onwards.

Nowadays, the decision whether the protective packaging should be made of corrugated or solid board material does not depend upon the less choice of products available or the lack of economical production facilities.

You may contact us any time for further questions and we sincerely appreciate your feedback on this subject. Please contact Mr. Ludwig Lechner at +49 (0)8323 9653 366 or via email.

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