New in our product range: starch-based fabric tape, OBA-free

KLUG-CONSERVATION starch-based fabric tape with guming on the back side is now manufactured without the usage of optical brightening agents.

We have further improved our starch-based fabric tape, manufacturing it without the usage of softeners and plasticizers. This tape is used within the preservation field for the manufacture of conservation quality mats and mounts, in the picture framing industry and also for making preservation folders. It is free of optical brightening agents and dyes, thus, in the event of water damage, there is no risk of the dye bleeding or any damage due to optical brightening agents.

Fabric tape with gumming, available in various width sizes, reel length 50 m. Woven cotton fabric material (calico) in natural white, weight 160 gsm, starch-based gumming, fabric body made of cotton (calico) OBA-free, weight approx. 170 gsm, 22 warp threads/14 weft threads (cm²). Impregnation based on starch and talcum within the pH neutral range, gum topping based on potato starch with approx. weight 30 gsm, without softeners, pH approx. 7.0, no other additives.

The fabric tape is free of acidic substances. The material is ageing resistant and thus provides active protection for the stored artefact.

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Photo: The top photo shows the initial fabric tape manufactured, the photo below shows the new, OBA-free, tape.

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