Television coverage of KLUG-CONSERVATION

Well stored and archived: How to prevent cultural artefacts from further decay? - A television coverage by the regional TV station "TV-Allgäu", 28.02.2012.

"Have you ever experienced the feeling being in a museum or in an antique library? Standing in front of an old oil painting or perhaps a tattered book, one can actually feel the centuries that have passed leaving their profound impressions. Cultural artefacts of all kinds narrate long stories and possess valuable information. However, just because they are so old, they are particularly susceptible to humidity, temperature and other environmental influences. If these ancient works of art have to be transported from one museum to another, there is great danger that a piece could get damaged. KLUG-CONSERVATION, a Bavarian located company, provides for exactly these kinds of situations ideal storage and archival solutions: archival products providing maximum protection.

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